Blessing Award

Nominate someone who you think is a Blessing to our
great Military Community!

 We would like to feature a "Military Blessing Person of the Week".
Do you know someone who goes out of their way to show kindness to others in our Community? Do they show dedication and a positive attitude in improving our world?

Maybe it is someone who is always there to lend a helping hand or an encouraging word. Maybe someone who tirelessesly raises money for causes that support our Families. Or maybe it is even a Cashier at the PX who went out of their way to assist you and offer you a warm smile that brightened your day.

To submit your nomination, please email us the following information:

*Your Name, Military Branch and Location
*The Name of the Person
*The Name of their Website if applicable
*Let us know the kindness they have shown to Bless our Military Community
*If you would like to submit a picture of them, we would love to post it along with your story
*An email or physical address so that we could let them know what a Blessing they are

Remember...a Blessing is not a Blessing until it is spoken!