Saturday, March 27, 2010

Highlighting a special Business Owner in our Military Community...

We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight someone who we think is a Blessing in our Military Community-Dani, the Owner and Designer of Dani is a very proud Veteran Army Wife and supporter of the United States Military.

Dani’s Military and Patriotic Graphics are simply the best around. Camo Love creates Icons, Snags, Templates, Blogs and Tutorials. Dani dedicates her site to the women, men and children who love and support our Troops – the Silent Ranks. Whether your loved one is in the Army, Navy, Marines Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard, Reserve or National Guard, active duty or retired- this is your place for creativity.

CamoLove has a design to fit your every Military thought and heartfelt desire. And the reasonable prices (free to a few dollars) and Dani’s exceptional, warm Custom Service will keep you coming back for more!

Dani is also the Owner and Designer for Silent Ranks Cafepress Shop. It was one of the first and remains one of most successful Military Apparel Shops on Cafepress.

We are very thankful to Dani for her artistry, patience and expertise in bringing our vision to life!

Please stop by and check out the wonderful designs at CamoLove and Silent Ranks.

We know you will find just what you are looking for!

Design by CamoLove


  1. Thanks Laura, it was absolute pleasure to work with you!!! I love what you do here and will be sure to spread the word :)

  2. I second the post! Dani rocks! :D