Thursday, April 1, 2010

The biggest jewel on any Military Installation- the little Movie Theater...

One of the greatest jewels on our Military Installations is our Movie Theaters. Not only is it one of our greatest jewels, but one of the best kept secrets. Unlike the bigger, off Post theaters, our little jewel plays one movie at a time and is usually only open Friday thru Sunday, depending on where you are stationed. Where we live, there is a Friday and Saturday showing at 19:00, and a Saturday and Sunday showing at 14:00. But some Installations still show movies 7 days a week.
They show current movies at half the price as the bigger theaters. So give a new release a few weeks and you will be happy you caught it on Post/Base. The price of admission for a Family of 4 is only $10.00. Yep, that’s right, $10.00. That is most likely what you will pay for one adult ticket elsewhere. It breaks down to $3.00 for an adult ticket and $2.00 for a child.

The Concession Stand is the same as well. Buttery popcorn, chewy candy and cold drinks are also half the price as others. Some of the theaters still offer cheesy nachos. I however, am still mourning the loss of our nacho machine. I am on a covert campaign to bring ours back. Ok, not so covert, I just ask about it every time we go and try to use my best “Kitty Cat look from the Shrek Movies.

I am not sure why everyone does not flock to our little theater. Some days you may go and your family might be the only one there. Other times, the line comes out the front door, but yet when you get into the theater, all those people would take up only a few rows. The theater is hardly ever crowded, no one is on top of each other and there is not a bad seat in the house.

My best piece of advice is you will want to get there early so you can purchase your tickets, your refreshments and be in your seat before the credits start. Because that is actually the VERY BEST PART of seeing a movie on Post/Base. The credits are opened with the National Anthem and a patriotic video playing in the background. So you sit your popcorn down, stand up, place your hand over your heart and give honor to the National Anthem. I am always surprised when you see a couple of people remain in their seat and talk through it. Have some respect for your Country, yourself and the patriotic folks around you. Teach your young sons to take off their baseball caps as well. I have yet to not be overcome with emotion and pride in the fact that I am standing to the National Anthem while at the movie theater. Soldiers stand straight and tall, children are uncharacteristically silent and Wives are welling with tears. And this is all before the movie even starts!
We Military Families R-O-C-K with honor and pride!

For Army and Air Force branches that have AAFES Theaters, you can use the link below to check out what is playing on your Installation. And hopefully someone will let us know where to check out Theaters for Navy and Marine Corps Bases as well. These Theaters are an extra special jewel when stationed abroad.

I just cannot recommend to you enough to support your Community by visiting your own Post/Base movie theater every chance you get. They are family friendly, clean, inexpensive, intimate and best of all play the National Anthem!

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