Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blessings of Welcoming New Military Wives...

A sweet, new Military Wife recently wrote to me thanking me for writing kind and encouraging words. She and her Husband are new to the Military and are finding their new path to be both scary and exciting. Something I think we have all felt from time to time. She wrote how she was trying to be optimistic about everything they are facing.

I want her and all of the other new Wives to know that we are here for them. We have all traveled the path they are traveling now. Where it seems as though we will never learn the acronyms and vanacular of the Military. One of my all time favorite movies is Renaissance Man with Danny DeVito. There is a hilarious scene where he first arrives on an Army Post and asks for directions. The directions are filled with every acronym and abbreviation known to a Military Installation. Finally Danny Devito says, "Can I buy a vowel with that?" The scene seems so normal to some of us who have been in the Military World awhile, that sometimes we may forget the new fellow Wives around us trying to find their place.

All Military Wives have something special to offer to each other. I encourage all of us to reach out to new Wives who may be struggling to understand and fit in. Help them feel "included in" and "a part of" our wonderful Military Sisterhood.

If you are looking to spend a couple of hours of quality time with your family, why don't you get some crunchy popcorn, gooey chocolate, bubbly coke and rent Renaissance Man. You will laugh, you will cry and you will be proud to be part of the Military Community!

So welcome new Wives...and please know that we are all here for you! I hope your Military Life brings you as much pleasure as mine has brought me!

Military Blessings!

Thought of Inspiration...
An act of kindness enriches the heart of both the giver and the receiver

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  1. I wish that there were welcoming committee's on each post. I know that would involve a lot of preparation and things in advance, but I think it would help us all. Now, I know some posts have FRG's that actually do do that...but most do not. Now I know the show is fictional, but "Army Wives" does have a welcoming committee, and a FRG that actually visits the deployed spouse. Sometimes, we could take a clue from that show. ;)

    My sister is new to the military as well. Her husband just joined the NAVY and is in AIT right now. They'll find out their first duty station this week too. I've given her every word of encouragement I can. :) I secretly wish she moves close to my next duty station so we can visit often. :D