Friday, April 23, 2010

Speaking Blessings Over Your Life Today...

This morning I just wanted to take a moment to speak blessings over your life. The attitude we adopt each morning can set us on a happy, joyous day- or do just the opposite. If you are having a blessed day, keep going, it is going to keep getting better and better!

If you have started out down, I hope you will take a moment and remember to be kind to your self. Be as kind to yourself as you are to other people. You deserve the same goodness!

It comes easy to most of us to compliment other people. But for some reason, we have a difficult time being as kind to ourselves. You are probably known for telling other ladies that they are good Mothers or good Wives. When was the last time you told yourself that and really believed it? Say it to yourself now- because you are!!

The way that you speak to yourself internally and the way that you carry yourself is the way that you feel about yourself. And people will see you as you see yourself. And today I hope that you see yourself as the beautiful, smart, capable, funny, lovely Military Wife you are! It is what your Family sees in you, it is what I see in you! Show yourself some love and see your true value!

Take a quiet moment now to close your eyes, breathe in deep...say something good about yourself and feel how blessed you are in your Military Life! The best gift that you can give your Family is a happy, healthy, confident YOU!

I am sending you blessings today. I hope you receive them into your spirit and then pass them along to someone else in our Community!

Thought of Inspiration...
Do good for yourself and bring out the good in others!

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