Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blessings of Peace In Your Life...

Hello to all of my sweet fellow Military Wives! Sorry to have been away so long. As I have started on my road to healing, I have also been helping my Husband through his surgery and healing. Our family has been very blessed! Because of being a Military Family, not only has my healing being taken care of, but my Husband's as well. We were blessed that my Husband received excellent care in a Military Hospital, prescriptions for pain and wellness, while receiving paid leave to recuperate. We do not have to worry how we will pay the hospital bills, pick up the prescriptions or struggle in our family finances while being off of work. Unlike others in similar and unfortunate situations, my Husband can heal peacefully and not worry about forcing a recovery to get back to work to support his family in a mere couple of days or risk losing his job. The Military has blessed us with the PEACE to heal!

We have and will take this time to be so grateful that God has allowed us to be a Military Family. We take this moment of peace as a family before we commit 100% back into the world of careers, businesses and the like. As we strive to always work hard, do our best, and give back to others, hopefully we will be kinder and gentler to ourselves as well, so that healing and surgery will never be necessary again. Numerous deployments (as well as every day things) can really take their toll on our Military Families. We can easily become worn down, tired out and mentally, physically and spritually depleted.

As Military Wives and Mothers, we tend to take on the stresses of our Husband's careers, our careers whether inside the home or out, our children's heartaches, as well as the cleaning, cooking, yard care, errand running, bill paying, dog walking, Spouse Clubs, deployment care box shipping, grocery shopping...and well, the list goes on. And of course our Spouses have their own mental and physical stress that we try to nurture and protect them from. How many times have we made sure that our Husband's have a good and hearty meal and that our children eat healthy, balanced meals, only for us to go all day without eating anything but a handful of cheese puffs and M & M's because we are busy?

We are women, ladies, Military gals. God put us on this earth to care for and nuture the world and we rock at it. But, we also need to make ourselves as much of a priority as we do everything else. Our children will never remember if our houses were clean on May 22, 2010. But they will remember that we had the energy to be kind, patient and loving towards them, because we took the time to be kind, patient and loving towards ourselves. I will admit that I have not been as balanced about this as I should have been. That is why my health is where it is now. My body said...enough. I hope that it is not where you are at today. I hope you are showing yourself some love. If it is where you are at, please know that you are not alone! I am sending you prayers, blessings and all the old fashioned kindness you can hold. I wish you peace in every area of your wonderful life!

You are such a blessing to the people around you!

Military Blessings!

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  1. Wishing you two the best for your healing!