Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Blessing of Military Discounts...

One of the blessings in our wonderful Military Life is that almost on a daily basis we are fortunate enough to receive Military Discounts. We receive discounts at restaurants, hotels, home improvement stores, theme parks and the list of blessings go on. We should never become “accustomed to” or “expectant of” a discount. They are major financial (and emotional) blessings that we receive from the American public and private individuals who want to show their gratitude for families like ours.

There has probably not been one of us that has not stood there speechless, eyes welling up with tears, when someone has approached us, shook our hand, and wanted to pay for our meal. I can only seem to squeak out the words “Thank you so much, you are so kind…and then my voice trails off from there, blinking back tears, but wanting to say a lot more for their generosity and kind words. I hope they know what my heart is trying to say. That our Family is so very grateful for each and every discount and kind deed that we are blessed with.

One of the biggest and best Military Discounts we have received lately was the “Disney Salutes the Military” discount. Walt Disney World/Land have been offering a free 5 day pass for Service Members, (5) day- $99.00 tickets for their family members (a savings of hundreds of dollars) and 40% off their hotel rates. We traveled to Disney over Christmas Vacation and it was one of the most amazingly beautiful places lit up for Christmas. We were able to make memories of a lifetime thanks to the blessing of Disney’s Military Discount. It was made all the sweeter knowing that we would be separated by deployment this Christmas. If you have the opportunity to take advantage of “Disney Salutes the Military” please go and be blessed by the experience.
The blessings and memories you experience will last a lifetime for you and your Family!

So, the next time you receive a discount because you are a Military Family, remember to smile and warmly show gratitude. It is a blessing we will only receive during our years of service, which will go by oh too quickly.

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