Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Great Privilege of Living in Military really!

Throughout our travel and PCSing, we have all had to make the decision as whether to buy, rent or live on Post/Base. Our Military Family has done all three. But by far, the most rewarding of these has been to live on Post in Housing. We have actually made the decision that altough we can afford to live anywhere, we will never live off Post again because the satisfaction and blessings we receive while living on Post far outweighs any pool, walk in closet or gourmet kitchen we have seen off Post. This is a very personal decision that each Military Family must make according to what lifestyle they hold dear.

Depending on what Military Installation you live on, you might get the opportunity to live in grand historic homes, or in brand new custom homes or maybe even in “oh my goodness this is so small, we have no garage, how will all of our things fit homes?” Some are duplexes, some single family detached, and some row houses. One stories, two stories, linoleum or carpet, garages or carports. But they are all a blessing to our Military Families. Some people just “exist” or just “live” in Housing. But we choose to make it our “Home”. The first thing we do is hang the American Flag outside and plant a garden. A flower garden in your yard says “This is our home. This is where we raise our children and have barbeques. This is where we will hang “Welcome Home Daddy signs” with yellow ribbons.

Whether you are going to be there two years or twenty, move in and make it your home. If the house is old and the paint on the porch is peeling, don’t wait for housing to do it. Don’t have the attitude that “this is the Government’s house and I am not going to invest any money into it.” No, this is your home. Spend $10.00 on a can of fresh white paint and paint your porch railings. You will be amazed for how that will change the look and feel of your new home. You will probably even start a new trend. We have moved into housing, raised a flag, planted a garden, painted the porch and even hung shutters and the next thing we know our neighbors are doing the same. House by house looks and feels revitalized. Once you set an example, there will probably be conversations in the neighboring homes. The men will drive by thinking “Oh no, the guy has only lived there two weeks and he has shutters and new paint. My Wife is going to want my six out there doing the same.” And the fellow Wives will be thinking “See, I knew it wasn’t Regulation-123XYX that we couldn’t plant a garden. My Husband needs to get his six out there and help me plant a garden.” And together you will. You will make memories in this home that you will carry with you long after your Military days are done.

Everyone wants to feel that sense of pride in their home. Paint, flowers, a flag and a welcome mat will transform all Military Quarters. We feel so blessed to live, work and play all in our Military Community. My Husband’s work, our home and children’s schools are all within minutes of each other. That is the biggest blessing of all. Our children can walk to school, we can go to their school for lunch or school plays. They can play freely in our community and our parks. We are a Military Family living amongst Military Families.

Another blessing is that your Husband’s commute is only minutes. No traveling to and from Post/Base. No waiting in long lines to enter the gate early in the morning. And instead of waiting in the line to leave at the end of a long day of work, he can be home chasing down the ice cream man with the kids. Living on Post/Base saves time and money but most importantly it gives your family the blessing of “Community”.

Create a Home that your family feels loved and natured in!

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