Friday, April 16, 2010

Blessings of Military Sounds...

As I was working outside in the yard yesterday, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and my child was happily skipping through the water sprinkler. All of those things along with working in my garden makes me very happy. Digging down into the cool dirt to plant a beautiful blooming flower brings a great sense of peace to my life and beauty to my family.

But I also realized that it was not just the sounds of Spring that were surrounding me with pleasure. It was all of the Military Sounds that were playing in the background. Sounds of helicopters and airplanes overhead. Sounds of live range fire in the distance. The sounds of Reveille and Retreat. To some, these may be sounds that seem so common that you no longer notice them. And to others they may be a nuisance. But I hope like me, you will come to hear those sounds and feel them as a blessing.

To me, they remind me that I live in a safe community that I love. To me, they are sounds that signal our heroes are home (for now) and are working hard training to keep our Country free and safe. Range fire and chopper blades, PT cadences and Humvees bring me peace and happiness. The next time that you step out of your front door, or come onto Post/Base take a moment to breathe in, close your eyes and listen to the Blessing of Military Sounds!


  1. I grew up in the flight lines of both an US Air Force Base and a National Guard Air Field. Now I live just outside the largest Army Post in CONUS (Fort Hood). I recently went to see my in-laws in PA and told my husband I felt out of sorts, like something was missing. When we got home, they were shooting artillery on post... I realized then that the sounds of the Military were what was missing and that they were strangely comforting to me...

  2. That's pretty funny, because I was just thinking about this the past few days. Being here with family and not onpost--or even near one--, I don't hear any of that. And I actually miss it. I miss the sounds of all of that, and even seeing an actual military member. At the Dairy Queen a few days ago, I saw 2 guys in uniform and I was like "Oh, look, soldiers!" And my family was like "Umm, okay." LOL. :-)