Thursday, April 15, 2010

The First Recipient of our "You are a Blessing to our Military Community Awards" is...

We would like to introduce Sonja A. as our first
"You are a Blessing to our Military Community Award" Recipient!

Sonja is an Army Wife, Mother of 2 young children, one cool chick and an absolute supporter of her Soldier while he is training at Warrant Officer School.
Her family recently returned from an assignment in Germany and will be looking towards their new assignment in New York.

Sonja is exactly the kind of Military Wife Gal that exemplifies our
"Military Kindness and Blessings Campaign"!
After reading her comment to our blog, then reading through her
wonderful blog we came to see what a kind spirit
she has, what an unwaivering support she shows for her Military Man
and how she views all things in her life as "Blessings".

Sonja fits in perfectly here with us positive gals.
And our hopes are that Sonja will become a frequent contributor to
Blessings of a Military Life and will share her wisdom with other Military Gals!

Give to another human being without the expectation of a return.

Congratulations Sonja!

You rock as a supportive Military Wife and Mom and as a Kindness Ambassador for our great Military Community!


  1. Wow; that is totally shocking, but thank you ever so much! :) I really try to do my best supporting my soldier and all that is involved, but we can't do it without everyone's help!! We're all in this together. :-)

    Sonja A.

  2. You deserve it girl. Congrats hun!!!!